mardi 15 septembre 2009

My indulgence : Etsy - Meet Elina Honkanen

Pour la version française, c'est ici ;)

Etsy is a either a dream or a nightmare, as I could spend hours, days, even weeks surfing on this website, discovering new and marvellous things I absolutely do not need, and therefore have to buy.

The handcrafted jewels are by far my favourite. And this is how I discovered the genius Elina Honkanen, an amazing artist from Finland, mother of three and jewelry maker fantastique of Happy Day Designs. I literally fell in love with Elina's little dreamy pieces of jewelry, and I even purchased more than a half of her items at once. Her prices are also really customer friendly.

So let me introduce you: Elina of Happy Day Designs!

Elina, I have learned that you are actually a painter, what kind of painting do you realise?
My paintings are very bright and colorful... Hard to describe! 

Painting "At Home" Elina Honkanen
110x110cm - acryls

When and how did you become a jewelry maker?
I've been making jewelry for a few years, but after I had my three boys a year ago I had to find something creative to do at home because I could no longer go to my studio so often. So I grabbed my beads from a closet and started to work with them... Soon I had so many pieces ready that I thought I could try and sell them on Etsy, I already had a shop there for selling crocheted stuff. I changed my shop as a jewelry shop and now I have sold some of my jewelry pieces and I'm very happy about it :)

What are your favorite materials and why?
I've used stone beads quite a lot and they are one of my favorite materials beacause of the variety of colors and because of their natural and organic look. But right now I'm very exited about freshwater pearls. I just received my first pearls ever and I'm practising on knotting them on a silk cord.

What inspires you when you craft a jewel?

Just like in painting, color is everything in my jewelry and that is the thing that inspires me. Beads come in so many colors and I love just looking at them and thinking what beads would match with what and what kind of feeling they could bring together.

Thank you Elina :)
Elina is a true artist and a colour genius. Her jewels are all delicate, elegant, feminine. Elina also gives a name to each of her jewelry piece, name that always fit her little mastepieces perfectly, adding that extra personal touch to it. You're not just buying a very beautiful yellow necklace. You're buying the "South From Here" necklace, with warm and sandy shades of yellow, white and brown. When you put on the Cool Lemonade bracelet, the fresh and juicy green beads gives you a boost of energy, just like a cool lemonade on a hot day. And the Lace Bracelet, by far my all time favourite, is just perfection. It is so fragile and so elegant!

Elina also takes custom order. Since I found the Lace bracelet so amazing, I asked her to craft it into a necklace. She is working on it as I speak, and already sent me picture of it so I'm sure it will match what I wanted.

I strongly recommend that you take a look at her Etsy shop - Happy Day Designs - as well as her blog, Happy Day Jewelry, on which you will be able to see her previous jewels, which she will also be able to craft for you if you request it ;) But hurry up, since I believe I'm her number 1 fan, I might just buy everything before you even get there ;)

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