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My indulgence : Etsy - meet Connie Bennett

Pour la version française, c'est par ici! ;)

I discovered not long ago a fabulous website on which private craftsmen (and women!) can sell their own creations directly to consumers : Etsy. You also have the possibility to ask the seller/craftsman to modify or even create a unique piece of jewelry, clothing or bag just for you. The only aweful thing about this website is that once you tried it, it becomes an addiction and you may well end up like me, with a monstruous invoice at the end of the month after buying one little thing over here and another over there just because it's so cute and unique...

Since I had very good contact with some of the seller/craftsman, I decided to try and help them promote their goods - which are awesome of course - on my blog. Some of them even suggested to organize a contest or offer a discount to whoever might order something to them after visiting my blog! You should therefore stay tuned to my blog not to miss those great opportunities!

The first person I would like to introduce you is Connie Bennett, who owns the [Etsy] Artfire shop Illuminating Designs. Connie is a jewelry maker who specializes in the best Twilight replica (and believe me when I say the best : it is truly the best!). She is also the very first person I purchased goods to, and I couldn't have better for a first order on Etsy! A first order on a new website can sometimes be quite stressful: you have to trust the people you're dealing with, give them money, wait for the delivery and judge an item only via a screen). I therefore contacted Connie first, as I wanted to see how long it might take her to answer my questions. I of course also checked her feedbacks, which were all good.

Not only did Connie reply to my questions as fast as lightning, despite the time difference (her being in the US, me in Belgium), she was also as sweet as candy and very kind to me! But who can speak about Connie better than Connie herself? So here's a little interview of Connie, owner of the Illuminating Designs shop on Etsy, with pictures of the jewels I purchased at her shop (please note that the picture of the ring is one of Connie's as mine is currently being resized at a local jewelry store - one of the disavantages of internet : you can't try things on before buying them).

Connie, when and how did you became a jewellery maker?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jewelry! I began making jewelry at the age of 12 and have advanced in my learning through the years, in college taking jewelry design, the art of design, color design, and other design courses.

Are you able to live on your shop or do you have another job?
I live in my studio creating beautiful pieces of jewelry and to maintain my sanity, I devote a few hours to a local church helping out each day.

The "Alice Cullen" necklace in its box with Connie's gift (the earrings), and the necklace on me.

What are your favorite materials and why?

My favorite materials are High Quality Sterling Silver, Moonstones, Amethyst, Onyx, Turquoise, Peridot gemstones, different types of leather necklaces, sterling silver necklaces, and any High Quality Jewelry material that is High Quality and produces a Unique look. And... I LOVE the Twilight Novels!

What inspires you when you craft a jewel?
My beautiful pieces are inspired by a Beautiful gemstone, and the challenge of making it even more beautiful. I also love the Movies and recreating beautiful pieces that movie stars wear (Example: Bella Swan and Alice Cullen to name a few!).

Bella's ring in silver with a moonstone

You are specialised in the best Twilight jewels replica and Twilight inspired jewels - did that impact on your life? Do you have more orders now than before?

I have grown as an jewelry artist so much since starting my venture creating Beautiful Twilight replicas and also my own unique Twilight creations. I started out at the advice of a friend on Etsy with a necklace called "Edward's Favorite Things"
, and have grown to maintain several websites providing beautiful Twilight Jewelry to include my recent success on I have also grown as a person by reaching out to different cultures and making new friends internationally. As my clientelle has grown, so has my group of friends! Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga has touched so many lives of people of all ages. I still get letters from fans of Twilight thanking me for making such beautiful jewelry inspired by their favorite novels. It warms my heart to make a difference in others lives, and no matter how busy I get, I always try to maintain good communication with my clients and friends. For it is the little things in life that make a huge difference in others lives. Just taking the time to show them they ARE important.

Thank you Connie! ;)

Bella's bracelet in silver with a turquoise - my favourite! The size of the bracelet is quite small but it makes it even more feminine!

I particularly like Connie's silver and turquoise bracelet. It is of course quite recognizable as being a Twilight jewel for the Twihard, but for whoever is not familiar with Twilight, it just looks like a very pretty and feminine jewel which will match all of your outfit!
I quite like my ring as my stone has what it looks like a little crack in it (it's actually some kind of vein or prism line in the stone) which makes it glow even more and add a little something unique to it! I think the guy at the jewelry store where I brought it to have it resize thought I was crazy when I told him I liked it! ^_^

The necklace is the replica of Alice's neckalce. It is of course very Twilight-like as you can see the Cullen crest on it. However, it adds a little something "baroque" to your outfit - thanks to the velvet ribbon - which I really like!

I really enjoy the three jewels I purchased to Connie. What you see is what you get, so you have no unpleasant surprise. And Connie is by far the best Twilight inspired jewel maker!

If you like those jewels, I strongly recommend that you stay connected to my blog as Connie and I will soon organize a contest - and no purchase necessary! - your chance to win either Alice's necklace or another of her Twilight inspired jewels :) So stay tuned! And do not hesitate to purchase goods at her shop or ask her question : Connie is very customer oriented, very kind and totally trustworthy ;)

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Excellent interview! It gives the rest of us Etsians hope that we, too, will be self sufficient in our art one day. Good job to both of you!

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