mercredi 14 octobre 2009

My indulgence : Etsy - Meet Erin Albin

Pour le français, c'est ici!

As you may have noticed, my shopping is done almost exclusively on the internet, preferably on Etsy as I can then have handmade unique pieces at a very affordable price, especially during this economic crisis time (except for the Belgian customs fees which must be the worst in the world).

Jewels are my favourite, but I soon discovered that Etsy is also a gold mine for handmade bags. And I love bags, may they be army like bags which can be customized with ribbons and pins, or designer bags that I can only afford once every 3-4 years.

It was therefore while surfing thousand pages of bags on Etsy that I discovered Erin's shop, Appetite. My heart stopped beating and my breath was taken away as I furiously clicked on the "add to favourite" button on each presentation page of her little marvels. I very soon ended up with almost all of her shop in my favourite... The difficult decision of ordering only a few of them was terribly aweful, but I finally choosed her blue Natalie bag with Yucca print and her light green Casey bag with Kelp print. Needless to say that they are both utterly gorgeous and that I adore them both.

So here's Erin's interview, genius designer, maker and owner of Appetite (bags and other accessories) and Appetite Home (housewares which will also soon become mine).

Tell me who you are.
Erin Albin, live and work in Portland, Oregon, US. I design and produce a line of hand-printed bags, accessories and housewares that are available in the US, Canada, and internationally online on Etsy.

I have a great light filled studio about 30 blocks from my house, where I silkscreen fabric, cut and design, and sew. While I work I like to stream internet radio, either KEXP.ORG or WEFUNK.COM. My current favorite band is Beach House, makes great background music to put me in a good mood to think.

On the weekends I sell my wares at an outdoor market here in Portland: Portland Saturday Market. This where I started my business and how I have been able to make this business my full time job for 4 years.

When and how did you start making your own designs?
I first started printing my own fabric when I was in college, I had always been a sewer and a maker, so I began to combine my own prints with my own bag designs. I find that the best designs come from necessity, so I try to design for myself and apply those designs to things I find people respond to.

What are your favorite materials and why?
I love metallic leather, I am just starting to incorporate this material into my work and I think it is so luxurious and exciting.

I love printing on linen, I think the ink looks most beautiful on linen.

What inspires you when you design an item?
Color plays a huge role in my design, I love to experiment with the pairing of the color of the fabric and the color of the ink of the print.

I also want my pieces to be both utilitarian and beautiful. In a world of over production and over consumption, it is hard not to feel guilty producing more, so I want my pieces to be as useful and they are beautifulI am inspired by botanical images and plant-life when I am designing my prints. I love to take photographs while traveling or on walks and use them as inspiration in the studio

When you're not creating things, what do you do?
Eat. My boyfriend of 8 years is a cook and he has greatly influenced my palette and love for food. Portland has many amazing offerings.

Walk. I enjoy walking around the city, there is so much beautiful nature and community in this city.

Spend time with friends. All of my good friends are incredible women, many are designers, and it is great to get together with them and talk shop and share ideas.

Thank you Erin ! ;)

So if like me, all you want to do now is buy everything Erin has in her shop, two addresses : Appetite and Appetite Home.

Her blog will also allow you to keep up on her new items (i.e. her new leather bags), or watch a little video in which you can visit her light filled studio.

Do not hesitate to contact her and to buy her gorgeous bags, pillows, and other items, they will become your favourites for sure!

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Oh, le premier porte mon nom!!
Ce sont les 2 sacs que tu as reçus cette semaine? Très beaux!

Bienvenue ici ! Welcome !

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