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Xmas gift idea: Love My Pearls

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Each year in December, the same question comes banging against the bones of your skull: "what on Earth am I going to get for my wife / girlfriend / best friend / grandma / nephew / cat" for Xmas"? And you'd better make the right choice if you don't want your gift to show up on Ebay on 26 December!

Well, I got an answer that is as clear as water: Pearls! Who can go wrong with pearls? They come in every shape and color, length and price! Wanna give your Mommy a jewel to remember? Or impress your girlfriend/wife with a river of shimmering pearls? Come over here my fishsticks friends, I got what you need: Love My Pearls!

I discovered Love My Pearls a few years ago, through a link from a friend on the book of faces. I was unsure at the time as to whether it was safe to order from this website and what the jewels would be like. But my fear and doubts vanished when I received an email - in French - from Anthony and Marta, the masterminds behind this cute little online shop. They soon explained me that they were Belgian, living in Hong Kong, and living their dream.

It's Antho himself who selects the fresh-water pearls on the pearls markets in HK that will then be used for his collection of jewels. Not only does he make sure that the pearls will fit his needs to make beautiful pieces of jewelry, but he also, and I do not know how, manages to sell those precious beauties at an amazingly accessible price. I have to tell you that I've been paying a visit to several jewelry stores in Brussels, and found about the same pearl jewelry than the ones sold on Love My Pearls, and they were often not only about 3 times more expensive, but also about 3 times uglier! Not to mention the fact that, if you live in the Euro zone, you can benefit from the € / $ exchange rate.

So, as I said before, I know that buying stuff on the net can be a little frightning if you've never done it before. But rest assured that with Love My Pearls, there is no risk at all. Your order will be handled within 48 hours and if you have any question or doubt, feel free to contact Antho (he speaks English and French). The only thing you might want to keep in mind is that sometimes, the flash used to photograph the pearls can slightly alter the colors (e.g. the colors of the pearls of the Laure necklace are softer in reality than on the picture as the flash enhanced the pink, lavender and peach shades), or the overtone (e.g. for the Lilou, the peacock overtone is stronger than in the picture where the necklace looks almost black). Believe me, for I have tried, but photographing pearls is really not an easy task. 

Now let's talk about the other frightening side of ordering online: the shipping of your goods. I have bought jewels from Love My Pearls a bunch of times now and never had any problem with the shipping. It usually takes about 2 weeks before I can hold my new Precious with my little sausage-like fingers. The only downside of shipping outside the EU is the customs. If you live in Belgium, our customs are the worst in the world: they will charge you as much as possible if they can. And that unfortunately is something Antho can't do anything about. But, because there is always a but, your package can also easily go through holes in their net, and you'll end up paying just the €10 for their "admin" fee, or even nothing at all!

Now that you are ready to order from Love My Pearls, a doubt suddenly strikes you, leaving a hole in your chest: aren't pearls for grandma-lady-like old women with fluffy white dog on a Swarovsky leash and purple hair?? Well, no. I'm a geek with a jeans/video games inspired t-shirt/men's jacket/converse kinda girl, and I have about 5 pearls necklaces, one bracelet, two rings and a pair of earings, all from Love My Pearls. It's up to you to mix them and make them yours, or use them as unexpected jewelry pieces.

Look at what I've done with my Lilou: from necklace, it became a brooch. Just wrap it around an H&M rose-like brooch and pin it on your winter coat to add instant glam to your outfit. Of course, don't forget to protect your pearls from the metal of the brooch (e.g. wrap a ribbon around it) and tie it securely to the jacket.
Lilou $63

Or you can also vamp up your long strand with a colorful ribbon. The ribbon will make the back of your neck stand out, while the pearls will attract attention to your cleavage (this is Marta's idea and picture by the way).

And here's my little own selection of preciouness. I already have some of these beauties, and so will you I hope!
Lune $41 / Diane $47

Viola $32 / Jadzia $32 / Billie $32 / Esther $44

Yvonne $26 / Celine $38
For the pearl and moonstone and the pearl and labradorite bracelet, please contact Anthony. Price is around €250 as there is a lot of work and silver on those beauties 

The Yvonne or Celine bracelets can be worn with a men's watch to add a softer girly touch. The Celine, with its baroque pearls, is a more modern version of the classic look of the Yvonne. Now what can I say about the pearl and moonstone or the pearl and labradorite bracelets? They are just utterly gorgeous! I'm so totally saving money to buy those!! Hiiiiiii!!!!! <-- can someone remove this Paris Hilton side of me, please?

Joanna $199 / Black Queen $74 / Twirling Twins $84 / Eve $149 / Mia $59 / Lena $44

I'm litteraly drooling each time I look at the Joanna necklace.

The Black Queen might look a bit "wild and agressive" but believe me, I've seen it on a friend and it is absolutely gorgeous!

I could totally picture the Twirling Twins with a jeans and a simple white T for a drink on a beach. It calls for holiday in the sun!

I think that the Lena and Mia would be perfect as a first pearl necklace for a teen.

And finally, the Eve, with its 400 pearls (!!!) makes me think of Indira Varma's outfit in the movie Kama Sutra.

Well, what are you waiting for! It's all on :

Important note: I am NOT being paid by Love My Pearls for this post, and I did not receive free jewelry either. I just wanted to share one of my favourite online shop with you, on which I have always found the perfect gift for Xmas and birthday.

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